Pearl Smoothies

Sinh To – Tapioca Pearl Smoothies

Each smoothie is $3.95

Dau – Strawberry
Fragrant & Sweet. Filled with phytonutrients & anti-oxidants that help promote good health.

Mit – Jackfruit
Flavor – Tart Banana. A source of dietary fiber, high in anti-oxidants, isoflavones and phytonutrients. Great for ulcers and indigestion.

Soai – Mango
Considered one of the world’s “super fruits.” Nutritionally rich with a unique, tropical flavor.

Dua – Coconut
Sweet, nutty flavor. Has many health benefits that includes skin & hair care, stress relief, weight loss, increase immunity, proper digestion & metabolism plus many more.

Khoai Mon – Taro
Starchy root vegetable with sweet, nut-like flavor. High in dietary fiber, vitamins (E, C, B6) and minerals.

Dua – Pineapple
Sticky, Sweet & Tart, a tropical favorite. Aids in the digestion of proteins, great source of Vitamin C & manganese.

Ca Phe Moca – Mocha Raspberry
Chocolate goodness with a zing of the sweet & tart taste of raspberries.

Vai – Lychee
Exotic fruit with a sweet, fragrant flavor. Rich in Vitamin C, B-complex, and minerals for healthy production of red blood cells and a healthy heart. 

Bo – Avocado
Smooth and mild flavor. Helps lower cholesterol, regulate blood pressure & great for prevention of breast and prostate cancer.

Dao – Peach
Sweet and Tart, a favorite among kids. High in Vitamin C and dietary fiber, and aids in the prevention of cancer.

Mang Cau – Soursop
Tropical fruit with flavors of fruit candy & smooth cream. Anti-cancer properties that is high in anti-oxidants and has claims that it can help treat cancer.

Dua Hau – Watermelon
Sweet juicy and an American summer picnic staple. High concentration of some of the most important anti-oxidants (Vit A & C).

Tao Xanh – Green Apple Blueberry
A blend of sweet, juicy and tart flavors to stifle the heat during the summer and ignite the taste buds year round.


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